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Yuri Elkaim - Life and Health is a Matter of Choice, not Chance

What if your health was a matter of choice, not chance?

Yuri Elkaim on Chatter That Matters

Yuri Elkaim dreamed of a pro soccer career until his health deteriorated. Chronic fatigue and hair loss, followed by a seven-year search for answers, forced Yuri to make his health a matter of choice, not chance.

As a teenager, Yuri Elkaim fixated his gaze on a professional soccer future backed by a tireless work ethic and athletic ability. But health's betrayal shifted his focus.

Chronic fatigue, pain and sudden total hair loss in high school made his dream a nightmare. Yuri searched for answers only to find a medical community willing to guess and prescribe.

Yuri decided to make his health a matter of choice, not chance. In this episode of Chatter that Matters, Yuri unfurls his odyssey to reclaim his vitality while igniting a vocation to help others improve their health and grow their businesses.

Today, Yuri is a New York Times bestselling author, a guest on television shows like Doctor Oz, an entrepreneur who has built two seven-figure businesses. A professed optimist, Yuri continues to invest in himself, rallying others to follow suit.

This is a master class. You will learn many important lessons on how to make your health and destiny, your life and your livelihood, a matter of choice, not chance.

Andrejka Massicotte, Senior Director of RBC Group Insurance, returns to the show. I asked her what they are doing to innovate, including personalizing their offering, encouraging their clients to invest in prevention, and helping those with chronic illness live their lives to their fullest.

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