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Phil De Luna - Carbon Capture Matters

Inspiring Talk on Canada's Climate Challenges & Solutions

Phil De Luna on Chatter That Matters

Join us on Chatter That Matters as Tony Chapman and John Stackhouse engage in a riveting conversation with Phil De Luna, Chief Carbon Scientist and Head of Engineering at Deep 6. Phil shares his expert insights on Canada's climate reduction journey, the shift toward clean energy, and his personal mission to foster significant environmental change.

"I refuse to believe that progress is ever too slow. We can speed it up by working together—every ton of carbon captured is a step forward," shares Phil, emphasizing the urgency of collaborative action in combating climate change.

 Phil De Luna's Visionary Path for Combating Climate Change

Throughout the episode, Phil discusses his groundbreaking work in materials science and carbon capture technology, his love for Canada, and the importance of creating motivating workplaces. "Autonomy fosters innovation, and that's what we need to tackle our climate goals," Phil remarks, providing insights into his leadership philosophy.

Listeners will also learn about the strategic approaches that could streamline Canada's progress, Phil’s career evolution, his role as a disruptor in science, and the power of mentorship and family support in his life.

Phil De Luna's Personal Journey to Purpose and Impact

Phil shares his culturally rich upbringing and how it shaped his drive for success and his deep-seated need to make a tangible impact on the world. He discusses the multi-faceted approach to address climate change effectively and offers advice to young professionals on chasing purpose and autonomy.

Joining Forces for a Greener Future

Phil stresses the importance of individual and collective action—"If we all step up, the impact we can have on future generations is unparalleled." He encourages open dialogue about climate change with loved ones and suggests getting involved in local initiatives to spur meaningful change.

Don't miss this chance to gain a fresh perspective on how businesses, governments, and individuals alike can join forces to forge a greener, more sustainable future.


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