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Sarah Sklash and April Brown – Painting the Doors Pink

Chatter That Matters: The June Motel Story - From Dream to Iconic Destination

Sarah Sklash and April Brown on Chatter That Matters

Did you ever dream of building something with your best friend? 

Discover the inspiring story of two best friends who pursued their dreams and created a unique motel experience. In 2016, April Brown and Sarah Sklash quit their jobs, and purchased a roadside motel in Prince Edward County.

With hard work and dedication, they transformed the dingy motel into a beautiful space that reflects the sunshine and simple pleasures of life. Their entrepreneurial adventures caught the attention of Netflix, who produced Motel Makeover, a show on their next motel venture in Sauble Beach.

Today, The June Motel boasts three locations, but their story is more than just about a motel. It's about chasing dreams and taking risks. It's about believing in yourself and your vision. And it's about living life on your own terms. Join us as we learn more about how "The June" came to be, the inspiration behind its iconic pink door, and why chasing dreams matters. 


Mark Rolnick EVP of GreenShield, then joins the show to talk about why small businesses matter and why they are launching GreenShield for Small Business to help small business owners promote employee well-being. With a flexible benefit solution, they make it easier to attract top talent, so that small business owners spend more time doing what they do best - building a healthy business.

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