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Today I Wave My Flag With Sadness

I stand in honour of those who sacrificed and fought for Canada.

To protect our freedom, rights, and ability to speak without hate and peacefully protest. Many died, and many more were wounded—families losing their innocent and innocence.

I stand in honour of the Canada I grew up in. Canada was far from perfect and we have many things to apologize for, many wrongs to right but we also did so many incredible things. We thrived on the middle ground. Universal healthcare and education, unemployment insurance, a solid social net, and workers' rights are all paid for by a strong economy. We shared a border with the most significant military power but were considered good allies and peacekeepers, not warriors.

Canada is a small population, but one of the most admired. We were a positive influence. Our flag was a beacon of hope. We said all were welcome regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or religion.

Today I stand and still wave my flag but with sadness.

"Biases have become the new bullets and the collateral damage is a deeply fostered, socially fuelled and divided culture."

I don't stand for any group, white supremacy disgusts me, and I don't stand for any political party. I see all as using this time to be opportunistic versus constructive.

Decent Canadians deserve a voice. We should be meeting to resolve our differences, working tirelessly to find common ground. If we had and did, my belief is that this protest would have concluded with a compromise reached. Instead, all political parties choose to dictate and proclaim versus resolve in the hope their position can be leveraged for a future election.

The result is we have given a voice to the fringe who want to distract versus construct.

Isn’t it time to stand together, not as Liberals, Conservatives, right or left, anti or pro, Truckers or Inconvenienced citizens, but as Canadians, and as one nation?

Let’s unite and peacefully stand on guard for Canada for our charter, freedoms, transparency and truth, for the sacrifices of our forbearers and all beings who put humanity and humans ahead of their self-interests.

Let’s stand for a country whose anthem says it all….the true north strong and free.


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