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Bryan and Jenn Irwin - Time Matters

Actress Jennifer Irwin joins her father Bryan Irwin - of the Irwin Toy company - to talk about entrepreneurship, old stories, and how Bryan’s cancer diagnosis has changed the way they spend time together.

If you were running out of time would you value it differently?

When I heard about this story of Bryan Irwin and the news he received last fall that he was dying from pancreatic cancer, I wasn't sure how to handle the subject matter. When his daughter asked to be part of the program, it tore at me because I am a father of two daughters. My greatest strength and weakness as a radio and podcast host is taking my guest's stories and their life journey personally. It took all I had to stay emotionally grounded. The show came together with Bryan's positive spirit roaring through it. The show is about life, not death, and the incredible bond between a parent and child. It will also strike a powerful chord with you as we all share something in common with Bryan - there is no if to life and death, only when. We are all running out of time.

So now my essential question is this: If you knew how much time you had left, would you value it differently? Would you, could you stay optimistic?

Bryan Irwin joins me on chatter that matters with his daughter, acclaimed actress Jennifer Irwin. They laugh and never cry. They share stories of Irwin Toys, the family business where Bryan spent most of his life. A business of hits like The Easy-Bake Oven, Slinky and Pound Puppies, and at other times incredible stress. Bryan also talks about his reinvention at age 60, where he started another toy company and, of course, how Bryan is spending his remaining days. Jennifer shares how she found success in the television industry in LA and today is both an actor and writer.

Celebrate as your spirits lift through the incredible love and bond between Father and Daughter. Be motivated by Bryan's approach to his news and his inspirational lessons on valuing time as the true treasure of your remaining life.


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