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Something To Labour Over, This Labour Day

I am disgusted and frankly sick to my stomach as to how Canadians are being divided.

I know that the chords have always been there - East versus West, French versus English, Indigenous versus Canadian, Immigrant versus resident, Liberal versus Conservative, the 'haves' versus the have not, and now COVID and vaccinations.

Today, these chords are being played frantically and opportunistically like a Punk Rock Band. They are overpowering the melody of a nation that was a beacon to the world that democracy, freedom, tolerance and a strong social net, including universal healthcare are possible.

Canada has made some horrible mistakes in our past, that cannot be ignored nor repeated, but if we don't start focusing on building a better tomorrow, there will be nothing but a pile of festering debt, a climate of cancel and hate, that will smother future generations, and separate us beyond repair.

Printing money is not the answer as it has proven consequences. It will devalue our dollar, create inflation and make our lives unaffordable.

Canada needs to grow our economy that is currently in retraction and possibly heading for a recession. We need to create purposeful jobs and a tax base that can service this debt and prioritize our resources for those who need help. The idea of adding 'free this and that' for everyone might earn ballots, but it is not sustainable.

And we need to stop thinking that the fairy tale of Robin Hood - tax the rich to give to the poor can play out in an economy that today operates more and more in the clouds and not within geographic boundaries. There are tax evaders but the vast majority of the 'wealthy' pay their fair share. We need to encourage innovators, entrepreneurs and builders to hire and to create their wealth here.

I also believe that Canada is also overruled and over-governed and the lack of transparency and accountability and increased censorship has proven throughout human history to be the easiest path to corruption.

We need to eliminate the inter-provincial tariffs, have one set of rules when it comes to big bets, like vaccine passports, which the vast majority want. One set of rules, one app, and hope this is the answer for combating this virus.

I also feel it’s time to end CERB and encourage people to get back into the workforce or their motivation to work for cash.

And oil and natural resources. We will need it all for some time. I would rather have it come from Canada and Canadian workers, where we can demand the most rigorous environmental standards, and capture the wealth here, versus have it shipped in.

And finally, it's an election. I have voted Liberal and Conservative in my past. I will continue to vote for the leader and party I feel will be best for Canada today, and for the generations that follow.



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