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Peter Weissman – Never Surrender

A Tale of Trauma, Resilience, Advocacy and Two Brothers.

Peter Weissman on the Chatter That Matters podcast

Two weeks ago, we shared the story of Eric Weissman, who battled addiction to become an advocate for people experiencing homelessness. Today we celebrate his brother Peter Weissman’s inspiring journey.

Peter Weissman’s life turned upside down at the age of four. His parents divorced, he went from riches to rags, and his dad thought corporal punishment was how to keep his family in line. Peter quickly learned resilience, something he would need throughout his life.

After graduating, Peter achieved financial security until life took two more turns and tore away his stability. At 30, and two years of marriage, a potentially paralyzing spinal cord injury and ensuing surgery masked the onset of MS at the same time. His MS went undiagnosed for six years (and two children), costing him an early treatment that may have reduced the impact of MS on his life.

Everything leading up to this gave Peter the anger and drive to refuse to be a victim.

Peter chose possibility over impossibility. Peter is a loving husband and father, an Advanced Open Water Certified Scuba Diver, a brilliant nature photographer, a wheelchair athlete and one of Canada’s most respected tax accountants.

Peter's advocacy for accessibility and improved tax systems for people with disabilities mirrors Eric's advocacy for people without housing. It proves that from trauma can come triumph and that these tales of two brothers make our world a better place.


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