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Patrick Asare –Abject Poverty to International Acclaim

Patrick Asare on Chatter That Matters

Patrick Asare went from abject poverty in a small village in Ghana to achieving

international acclaim.

In an inspiring interview, Patrick shared his remarkable story.

He was born to illiterate parents, his father was a subsistence farmer, and his mother

was a homemaker. Patrick was one of fourteen children living in a small mud house.

Most children in his village didn't have the opportunity to continue their education

beyond primary school, which perpetuated the cycle of poverty in the region.

However, Patrick had a gifted mind and with the support of his village, he earned a

scholarship to a private school, although he never felt like he belonged there.

Despite this, his academic achievements continued. He had the opportunity to study

in the Soviet Union and the United States.

Patrick’s relentless determination to never give up showcases the transformative

power of an unstoppable spirit. It emphasizes the importance of self-belief and

internal acceptance in overcoming external challenges.

His story is a must-listen foranyone struggling with adversity or feeling overwhelmed by impossibility.

Jodi Wright from RBC joined Chatter that Matters to discuss their work in helping

youth pursue their dreams.

Ten quotes that mattered:

1. "I started my journey from here, scaling all the way to achieve my dreams." - 06:32

2. "I was determined to make something out of nothing and reach my goals." - 12:45

3. "I refused to let circumstances define me, and I fought against all odds." - 18:10

4. "I never gave up, even when I felt out of place and faced countless obstacles." -


5. "I chose to use every setback as a stepping stone towards my success." - 31:50

6. "I believed in myself when no one else did, and that made all the difference." -


7. "I stayed resilient in the face of doubt and criticism, and that's how I prevailed." -


8. "I turned every 'no' into a 'not yet' and kept pushing forward." - 50:30

9. "I never allowed the limitations of others to limit my potential." - 56:40

10. "I embraced every challenge as an opportunity to prove my strength and

determination." - 1:03:15


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