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Manget, Hejazi, Assaf – Everybody’s Business

In 1967, Canada was the world’s ninth largest economy; today, it is seventeenth. Regarding income per person, we’ve fallen from third to fifteenth.

Manget, Hejazi, Assaf on the Chatter That Matters podcast

What kind of Canada are we leaving our children? How do we avoid falling further behind?

Join us for a special Canada Day podcast recorded at the prestigious Toronto Hunt Club. I interview the three authors of "Everybody's Business: How to Ensure Canadian Prosperity Through the Twenty-First Century.”

You will hear from the charismatic Dany Assaf, co-chair of the competition and foreign investment group at Torys LLP, the brilliant Walid Hejazi, a renowned professor of international business at the prestigious Rotman School of Management, and visionary Joe Manget, Chair and CEO of the esteemed EHN Canada.

We explore the declining living standards in Canada and the growing belief that the next generation will face even more significant challenges.

We then look at strategies for reversing this trajectory. It can be done if Canadians make it... Everybody's Business.


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