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Informing Matters to Paul Derry

Imagine walking into a heavily armed Hells Angels compound as an informer, and you are wearing a wire.

If discovered, these steps will be your last. If successful, your actions will be paramount in trying 'Nasty' Neil Smith, a dangerous and fully patched Hells Angel, for murder.

How did you end up there? Paul Derry shares the story of his life as a career criminal and informant, what it is like to live as a ghost inside a witness protection program and why crime doesn't pay.

Battling throat cancer and chasing redemption, Paul has come out of Witness Protection, knowing that he is a Hells Angels target. Paul is a successful author consultant and works with not-for-profits to educate and prevent human trafficking and drug trafficking.

In 2010 Paul received a full pardon for his work with not-for-profits and he offers some powerful insights on why crime doesn't pay.


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