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Ideas That Matter. Rewiring Elections from Negative to Positive, with Tony Chapman

I am releasing an "Ideas that Matter" episode every second Monday. Each will be under 5 minutes; all will offer positive ways to improve the status quo, and none will interfere with my Thursday's premiere of Chatter that Matters.

Today, I explore Elections and what was once the bedrock of democracy.

Elections have become neverending and a relentless hailstorm of negativity, personality attacks and conspiracy theories offered up in the mass and 'my' media by political parties, special interest groups and foreign interests. This negativity impacts our psyche, divides our society, and erodes our trust in government and democracy.

I offer a bold idea here where we can rewire our elections from negative to positive and shift the narrative from personalities to policy.

Have a listen below 👇🏼 Is my idea too bold to consider, or is it surprisingly simple and worthy of conversation and consideration?


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