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Mark Ferrier - His Amazing Entrepreneurial Journey

Mark Ferrier on Chatter That Matters

The story begins when Mark Ferrier's father robs a bank, is arrested, and, at age 68, is put in Millhaven Maximum Security Prison to serve a five-year term.

For decades, Mark buries this reality and wraps himself in a veneer, masking his insecurities and imposter syndrome with a persona of confidence and swagger.

Mark gets married, raises two beautiful daughters, and is wildly successful as an entrepreneur.

His path led him to the Young President's Organization, and earning his Executive MBA at Harvard University. It is there, in a moment of sharing, that Mark reveals the truth about his Dad, and instead of encountering shame or judgment, he discovers the magic of humanity.

Mark realizes that wrapped inside his stigma was a gift to understand acceptance and the distinction between mistakes and failure.

Mark shares many more lessons from his life, unpacks some powerful thoughts on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and what he is doing with his latest endeavour & Capital.

We also discuss what Canada needs to do to compete and stay relevant.

From Mark, you will hear many powerful insights on life and livelihood, and overcoming circumstances to free yourself from the past to own your present and pursue your future.

I then invite Deenah Patel, Senior Director of Merchant Experience & Loyalty, to share her insights on successful entrepreneurs' attributes. She talks about how RBC works hard to support owners with intellectual, emotional and financial Capital.

Time Codes

00:02:30 Mark shares his childhood - white picket fences might have framed the neighbourhood, but what was inside was something very different.

00:04:44 Dad: successful car dealer, struggled emotionally/mentally.

00:08:34 World changes for Mark at age 25, when he learns from his Mom, that his Father has robbed a bank, and is in jail. 00:13:27 After fighting the charges for years, at age 68, Dad goes into a Maximum Security Prison. prison 00:16:23 Dad finds purpose and joy with his grandchildren but is diagnosed with a brain tumour 00:22:02 Mark - understanding who you are as a son requires understanding your father's story.

00:22:46 Sharing experience, fostering connection and confidence. 00:27:43 @Capital-Mark's latest entrepreneurial business 00:32:02 Attributes for future entrepreneurs: humility, non-traditional structure. 00:34:12 Believe, support, lead, rewrite. The economy needs alignment. 00:37:21 Tony's Takeaways 00:39:23 Mark: "You need a soul to succeed in life." 00:42:35 Deenah. Various ways to help entrepreneurs start businesses.


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