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Dov Baron - From the Dragons Lair

A 120-foot fall free-climbing almost cost Dov his life but freed him to pursue his calling.

Guest- Dov Baron

The search for meaning has been an obsession of Dov Baron from his earliest days.

He was born in Northern England in abject poverty, surrounded by crime, violence, and addiction, and knew there must be more to life than suffering and abuse.

Dov left his destructive environment to travel and study with some of the world's leading thinkers.

He then parlayed his learning into founding and building companies on three continents. Adrenaline seeking was Dov's addiction.

While free climbing a mountain in British Columbia in 1990, he fell from the rock face at approximately 120 feet high and broke dozens of bones, including every bone in his face.

Ten reconstructive surgeries followed, including two instances when he was brought back from the brink. This experience, and when he ventured into the dragon's lair, are his metaphors for his darkest days and show how facing his demons changed his life.

Today, Dov Baron is a best-selling author and the founder and CEO of Dov Baron International. He is a preeminent expert in helping leaders create life-and-work meaning. His models and strategies of the Emotional Source Code and the Anatomy of Meaning are used by leaders in business and government worldwide.

He has also been named a Top 30 Global Leadership Guru five times and an Inc. Magazine Top Leadership Speaker twice.

On Chatter that Matters, Dov shares his thoughts on fighting your demons, finding your purpose and meaning, binding yourself to curiosity, and cultivating culture and community.

I asked Dov what three platforms he would focus on if he ran our country—without missing a beat, Dov shared his ideas on Education, Homelessness and Community.

Powerful life lessons await!

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