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Chop Your Own Wood, It Will Warm You Twice

The title of the article is a great quote, and one attributed to Henry Ford, that is even more prolific today.

As many now work remotely and push more of their effort onto screens and through the clouds, have mute switches and camera settings to engage and disengage, and no water cooler or local coffee shop to catch up and socialize, we need to answer these questions:

Are we feeling purpose? Are we feeling productive? Do we feel part of a team that is doing great things? Is a Hybrid environment improving our sense of worth or devaluing it and we are told it's okay to be present or not?

My belief is that the Great Reset or Resignation are people checking out from chopping their wood. Not for being lazy but by feeling disenfranchised and disconnected from why they are there, from losing human touch with who they are working with, and questioning why there is a greater purpose to their job than just work.

And the job exodus happening in retail and foodservice - if she or he can work from home, why shouldn't I? A contradiction to the above or yet another great quote - the grass looks greener. Something to think about.

I did a podcast with Jacob Morgan, someone with a massive following in this subject matter, he has 300,000 subscribe to his newsletter. Jacob dives into this subject matter and more. If you are interested you can listen here.

Jacob Morgan sees the Great Resignation as a Great Opportunity for both employees and the employer. Let me know if you agree. I personally see it as the greatest challenge to leading, building productivity and culture, retaining employees and demonstrating what people do, matters.

What do you think?


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