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Cam Inglis - Do What You Love, and Love What You Do

Adam Robarts on Chatter That Matters

This weeks episode of Chatter That Matters is a live taping, which I always love because we can feed off the audience's energy.

We have a packed room of franchisees joining us today. My guest is Cam Inglis, the founder of Marble Slab Creamery Canada.

Cam is an inspiring entrepreneur who shares his journey from dreaming of the NHL to real estate before choosing the path of an entrepreneur.

During the show, we'll cover the challenges of running a franchise business, dealing with a pandemic or sudden competition, and why communication and transparency matter, especially during tough times. 

To provide more context, we'll have two additional guests. The first is Amarjot Bhatthal, an incredible entrepreneur who owns five Marble Slab franchises with her mother. I look forward to sharing their full story on the show one day.

Our second guest is Graeme Green, Director of Franchise Markets at RBC, who will discuss the attributes of an exceptional franchisor and a great franchisee.

A great story, combined with a treasure trove of valuable insights and lessons await.


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