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Andy Donato - Forever Young

Andy Donato on Chatter That Matters

I titled this episode of "Chatter That Matters" "Forever Young" and recorded it live at the Toronto Hunt Club.

The idyllic setting alone adds a unique backdrop to a conversation that erupts with laughter and spontaneous applause.

The man at the center of it is the master storyteller, the iconic Canadian editorial cartoonist and painter Andy Donato.

Andy Donato is not just an artist; he's a force of immense character, and his character is woven into the very fabric of who he is, from his distinctive appearance, with an unbridled shock of hair and a mischievous smile, to how he characterizes pivotal moments in time, to a handshake made with intent and integrity.

Andy shares hilarious stories of his journey, from his early days as a layout artist at Eaton to his pivotal role as Art Director and then as a world-renowned and decorated editorial cartoonist.

Over the years, many Canadian Prime Ministers have worn being a target of his incisive cartoons as their badge of honour.

Beyond the realm of editorial cartoons, Andy's "Bent Realism" painting style has been featured in one-man exhibitions worldwide.

And to this day, Andy in his eighties continues to create a weekly cartoon, paint, and golf, a testament to my title, Forever Young.

Deenah Patel from RBC returns to the show to talk more about what makes a small business owner, forever strong.


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