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A Crisis in Leadership. Who Will Step Up?

There is a crisis in leadership happening across Democratic Nations without a unifying force to combat our health and climate crisis, countries borrowing at unimagined levels, and many of the superpowers coming to terms with a rapidly ageing population. Add to that the great reset, reshoring, and AI populating every corridor of our lives and livelihood.

America is building walls instead of North American Allies and treating their oceans like a moat. Canada is staring into a mirror and basking in its reflection and self-made perceptions. The United Kingdom is racing to an exit yet with many uncharted paths. Germany has finally elected a new chancellor, a Social Democrat Olaf Scholz to fill the vacuum created by Angela Merkel's retirement and her steady hand on Europe's biggest economy. And the new horse race between French President Emmanuel Macron, and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, both jockeying to be the European leader. And Australia and New Zealand have been almost draconian in locking down and locking out of their respective countries.

This is a field day for two groups. The first is countries like China and Russia and oil-rich nations that rule without opposition. Russia's appetite extends beyond its borders, China extends to world domination, and the House of Saudi no longer has a special guest room for the USA.

The second is the new world order led by the platform economy companies and which have increased their value during the pandemic north of $5 trillion. Some of the beneficiaries of this wealth are moving their assets offshore and acquiring new passports as well, and their growing power will thwart any serious move to break or take them apart. To them, it is truly business and taxation without borders.

As the proverb says: May you live in interesting times.

My question to all of you: How do you think the next decade will play out?

My belief is that an Army of David's will be required, citizens, entrepreneurs, social justice warriors and innovators who will step up and solve many of the world's problems. A great example of what is happening right now with NBA player Enes Kantor calling China out over their human rights abuses. A slingshot can sting or even fell if aimed with intent.


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