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Tony Chapman – Repairing Democracy

Tony Chapman on Chatter That Matters

Trust in our different levels of government is in disrepair, but it can be repaired. This year, I am introducing '3-minute Chatters' to my platform.

These snackable episodes will appear on occasion and in midweek. The format follows: I begin with my observations on the status quo and then conclude with ideas on improving upon it.

My intent isn't to preach, teach or criticize. I want to open our minds to possibilities regarding how we can better treat each other, ourselves and Planet Earth.

My first episode looks at Repairing Democracy. There is no finger-pointing at any political party or leader, as my observation of the status quo, why trust is in disrepair, is prevalent everywhere.

I examine why and then offer two ideas on how to repair it. The first is based on a lesson we all value, and the other is ensuring that voters have a vote. 

Both will go a long way to renewing our belief that the people we elect act for the people, and by the people.

If you do listen, let me know your honest opinion of this show and whether this format can have an occasional home on my Chatter that Matters Platform. 

In my subsequent 3-minute Chatters, I will share how we can take some negativity out of elections and the need for financial literacy. 

If you listen, I ask that you keep your comments positive. Let’s focus on chasing possibility versus attacking personalities or past policies.


We are all one human race, moving into our future together. 


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