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Todd Norian – Follow Your Heart

Todd Norian on Chatter That Matters

I wanted to create an entertaining and enlightening show for my New Year's Special. 

My guest is Todd Norian, who I consider a Renaissance Man. Todd is a renowned yoga teacher, author, musician, and the founder of Ashaya Yoga.

Todd is known for his teaching emphasis on the alignment of body, mind, and heart. Todd is the author of "Tantra Yoga: Journey to Unbreakable Wholeness, A Memoir." Additionally, he is a musician and has released albums, including "Bija." 

Todd is a masterful storyteller who wanted to become a professional musician until Yoga offered him a profound sense of peace and self-acceptance. This led him to live in a Yoga Ashram in Pennsylvania, then Stockbridge, MA, for 13 years.”


Twice in his life, the Gurus he was committed to trade their values for personal gain. Through facing the pain of those betrayals, Todd gained a more profound inner wisdom – to transform betrayal from an impasse into a Rite of Passage. Ultimately, this is what motivated him to create Ashaya Yoga.


I end the show by offering my thoughts and hopes for humanity as we bring in a new year. 


Some of Todd’s lessons you will take away include:


The Power of Destiny: "You know, fate is what's given to us, but destiny is what you do with that."

— Todd Norian [00:19:27 → 00:19:31]

The Balance of Yoga: "Everything in life is for your awakening. And from that mentality, everything in life has a certain kind of meaning that we give to it And that we are perfectly imperfect just as we are, which is this embrace of ourselves, you know, with acceptance."

— Todd Norian [00:25:01 → 00:25:18]

Shadow Hugging: "I call it shadow hugging. It's when you put someone else on a pedestal who embodies all the positive qualities you need to recognize in yourself. Still, due to my feeling of lack or shame or unworthiness, I project that onto other People who are used to."

— Todd Norian [00:35:53 → 00:36:11]

The Essence of Tantra: "The bottom line is I want Myself, and I believe everyone wants this as well, is to come to a deep recognition of who we are, that we're here on this planet to rediscover, to remember, to have A revelation of why we're here, of what is this? What is this body? What is this mind? You know, who am I? I am the essence of Question."

— Todd Norian [00:40:00 → 00:40:31]


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