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Today's Education. Things I Want To Know

For most of human existence, we competed daily to survive.

Today we sustain by borrowing on the backs of our children. Is that sustainable? My view of their future is increasingly hostile, competitive, and a job market is in the clouds, with AI raining down.

Our children's education is paramount and our noblest quest as a society and parents is to prepare them for the future.

Therefore these are things I want to know:

  1. Why are we no longer teaching our kids to learn to compete in the classroom, and on the playing field?

  2. In a world moving to a gig economy, entrepreneurial and survival of the fittest, is it a conflict of interest or ideology, to only have teachers who are protected by tenure, and secured by a pension to be the student's sole point of influence?

  3. Speaking of ideology, how much time is spent teaching that versus Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, Maths and innovation, the oxygen of careers moving forward?

  4. What percentage of our educational dollars flow into bureaucracy from the many educational ministries to boards, trustees and other handlers versus actually being put to work in the classroom.

  5. How many people work in the Federal, Provincial and Territories to manage education. What is the total cost to taxpayers?

  6. As school enrollment drops and technology develops are our bureaucracy costs being dramatically reduced?

  7. Why do we still build our school calendar based on an agricultural economy, when children were needed on the farms, even though science shows long breaks are detrimental to learning?

  8. Why can't we have a system to attract, retain and lavishly pay the best teachers for inspiring a lifelong passion for learning, and let those who can't go?

  9. Why aren't our children the heroes of this story? When did the Unions become the most important characters and hold so much influence over Premiers, Parents and their children?

  10. What improvements have been made in remote teaching since the pandemic?

  11. Are we bringing in the learning from the video gaming industry and social media into schools, on how to engage children to think, make mission-critical decisions, search, collaborate, fail often and without fear, and then feel the reward of conquest?

  12. Why do parents only have hours to react to lockdowns?

  13. Why aren't we obsessed with being the best at creating an educational experience for dollars invested, and using our learning to export education as a superpower for Canada?

Thoughts? More questions?

And a reader commented on this post, think about this mess, and where it leaves our kids...

He writes:

'I remember reviewing the financials and balance sheet of my University the year I took corporate finance. I was shocked to find out the amounts that were going to the administration. It was so bloated that the UNDERFUNDED DFB pension obligations ECLIPSED the annual tuition intake…


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