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The World Needs Canada More Than Ever...

I found the election we just went through, the relentless forces of change exhausting and our response as a country depressing.

We re-elected someone whose tracks are littered with so many feet and handprints why they shouldn't be allowed to continue to lead Canada. There is not a leader in the private, not for profit or academic sector that would have survived. So why did he? Voters believed that the other choices would be even worse. We have a leadership crisis in politics, and social media is closing our minds to alternatives. We see impossibility more than a possibility and we vote on fear and why not versus voting for our future and what if?

Politics aside. Yes these forces of change are relentless and some are blowing at hurricane levels but if we change our attitude and approach those headwinds could become massive tailwinds for Canada.

The World Needs Canada More Than Ever

Our vast and rich country of only 38 million can help feed the world with agriculture that respects the soil, water and elements. We can help heal the world by applying our ingenuity to radically improving our universal healthcare, using science and technology and nutrition that prevent and cure versus slap band-aids on through a lifetime of pharmaceuticals. We can heat homes with oil and natural gas that is being harvested in the most environmentally friendly versus shipped from the Middle East. We can store carbon.

We can reinvent education and keep Canadians in school, engaged over a lifetime, while inviting the smartest people in the world to populate our schools and to populate our marketplaces.

We can innovate and create the new economy and scale it here, versus invent it here and watch it disappear to countries who seduce through their capital. We can create our own content and export it versus seeing our talent and ideas packaged and exported by others.

We can fund the social network we need to give the marginalized a dignified life and one where they are inspired to escape their circumstances and pursue.

3 Things We Need To Do

  • Raise our productivity to raise our economy.

  • Prioritize our spending versus spray it like a male cat in the hope of garnering favours.

  • Come together under a leader we are proud of, and one that makes us realize that what we have as a country cannot be determined or weakened by the individual interests of provinces or politicians.

As the Youngbloods sang said during another time of relentless change.

"Come on, people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another right now"

So come on Canada, smile on your brother, let's get together, and be one and another, right now.


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