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Social Media and the Herding of the Human Race

Attention is the Oxygen of Social Media Engines.

Attention breathes life into social media platforms' ability to harvest data, monetize, and personalize. The higher the engagement the more they can maximize the opportunity. To fuel engagement, social media acts as a virtual sheepdog to herd humans into castles where they actively socialize with others who are like-minded in their beliefs and biases.

The walls are constructed with information that advances their views; the mortar is their collective validation. When an opposing view is catapulted into or over the wall, it is attacked, even if it is armed with scientific evidence.

The middle ground, where rationality, critical thinking and compromise exist collapses and then floods into a widening divide. For or against, Anti or Pro, Liberal or Conservative, Believer or Denier. Capitalist or Socialist.

I think it’s time to lower the drawbridge, drain the moat, and reclaim the middle ground.

What Do I Do?

I believe in human ingenuity and the vast majority who want a better world for all.

I focus on positivity, a collective desired outcome, versus the negativity and feeling of impossibility.

I open my mind to all points of view. Even the ones that I am opposed to, for example, climate change deniers, I try to understand their motivation and their evidence.


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