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Peace. We All Want It, Except A Narrow Few

Peace and Freedom. We all want it except for a narrow few. The ones blinded by ego, and an insatiable and unquenchable thirst for power and wealth, yet at the same time self-destructing as their cancer of insecurity fosters paranoia and irrationality.

They justify the means with absolute conviction but almost always with total fiction. These narcissists are emperors without clothes.

They have no regard for life other than their own, nor the humanity being suffocated by their Gucci bags or drowned by their superyachts. And sadly, this travesty is no longer the sole breeding grounds of dictators and insurgents, even democracy is fostering this mentality of megalomaniacs, this me versus we, and divide to conquer. Those who stay in power regardless of the collateral damages they are inflicting.

Yet all of might be changing, and in less than a week. First, a global outpouring of love for Ukrainians, and how they are defending democracy and freedom, and to the many citizens in Russia who are disgusted by the ugliness and death and world danger that their 'leader' is inflicting on others.

And second, the courage, integrity, and strength of Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy. Zelenskyy is the leader that Democracies worldwide are crying for, and dictatorships and all world powers fear. A leader on the front line and defending freedom. He is for the people, and for his entire country, and not for his own party, foreign influencers, or his own pocketbook.

The true defenders of Democracies view Freedom as the ultimate treasure, the oxygen to breathe freely. To the rest of the world who grasp power freedom is their kryptonite. It is why Freedom is under attack in almost every democracy.

Before it is too late, as democracy is endangered, we must realize that we are the majority. It is our vote that holds the power, and the keys to unlocking and uncovering corruption.

We are the contributors to the economy, we are the taxpayers, we are the hard-working people trying to make a go out of it and behind us are our future generations.

Why we have peace, let's start uniting for our country, versus being divided or being labelled left or right. Ignore party lines. Turn off your news feeds and fight back, not with bullets but with your ballot.

Demand transparency, accountability and leaders who serve their citizens and country like Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy.


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