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Now versus Why. The Media Today

'Media today has become an advent calendar. Daily bite-sized and heavily flavoured content.'

When did most of the news become so tabloid, and at times almost propaganda? Since 9/11 we have been living through a series of human-caused events of epic proportions where every rock needs to be overturned to investigate the truth.

Today news is served up as an advent calendar. We open a tiny door on the day, digest a bite-size and heavily flavoured piece of content, and then close the door and with it our minds.

We need the opposite. We need a waterfall of investigative journalism. Journalists like Kevin Newman does a deep dive into the why. And he does so without the audience suspicious of intent as the media coverage today comes with the government's subsidy tattooed to their cameras.

Take the Freedom Convoy. I don't care about the flare of today, I care about the cause and the effect. I care about the why? Why have we gotten to this point? Why have people left their homes in the dead of winter to protest? Why are crowds funding this? Why is so much money coming in? Why do the big backers care so much what is their end game! Why is it triggering other protests around the world? Why this growing rage against the machine? Is it a necessary release from two years of lockdowns? Is it the overreaching hand of government? Or something sinister like the takedown of democracy?

Why are we painting the fringe as the majority? Why has Canada, a country that the world saw as passive, peaceful and tolerant, become the festering bed that launched this movement? Why has Canadian leadership countered the way they have? Why not other alternatives? Why the Emergencies Act? What are the strengths and weaknesses? What does this mean for Canada, for Democracy and freedom moving forward?

Cause and Effect.

Dig for the truth regardless of party affiliation or what might be hidden beneath.


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