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Myra Sable and Julien Sable Alvarado - Passing the Torch

Myra Sable and Julien Sable Alvarado on Chatter That Matters

Today's episode marks my 200th episode of Chatter that Matters, and my guest is the marvellous Myra Sable, who, in her eighties, continues to be an entrepreneur with her gourmet food company Sable and Rosenfeld and a warrior for a better world.

And stick around as I introduce her Grandson Julien Sable Alvarado later in the show. Julien is taking over the business.

Mark Twain once said that age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. Many over sixty would agree, but what about people younger? Do many view older people like they view products in the grocery store marked past due?

One of my goals this year is to counter ageism by sharing stories like this.

Mrya has been an entrepreneur for over fifty years, and work is still her pleasure. We go back to her early days, the many industry tycoons she had to win over, and the shelves she sought all over the world for her delicious condiments and products to today.

There are so many lessons in life in how to dream, do and build. We also experience a different side of Myra - the matriarch of her family, a fearless feminist, and an advocate for a better Canada.

We then shift to a love story between Grandmother and Grandson when Julien joins the show. It's magical to hear them talk to each other, and you will walk away with remarkable insights into building powerful relationships across generations.

Grab some Scottie tissues as you might cry for joy, and thank you, Myra and Julien, you made my 200th episode special.

I then bring on Prashant Patel from RBC's Wealth Management Group. I wanted to know what is involved in a family business when the goal is to pass the torch versus sell.

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