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My Cup Does Runneth Over

I am grateful too and for Lynn McGowan, our Yoga Teacher who has also become our dear friend.

Even when we are out of town we 'zoom' Lynn into our lives. What she has done for me personally, in terms of my physical wellbeing is remarkable. My energy, flexibility and strength are at a level I have never experienced, and at an age where I should be holding on, not holding myself higher.

Lynn is also focusing on my mental health. My stress and my mindfulness, my ability to chase life, but not have it chase me. (She would be the first to say I have a long way to go)

Lynn sent me a recording by Jonathan Foust who on LinkedIn describes himself as a "Wandering Mendicant'. His talk is How Gratitude Changes Your State and he reminds you how amazing it is for me to be alive this morning, to have the ability to write these words. Jonathan's talk is about gratitude and being grateful.

Jonathan ends his talk by identifying three qualities of people who have a vibrancy and a wild sense of aliveness.

  1. These people think about Death a lot. They understand permanence, and the absolute conviction that all will be one day taken away. In doing so they embrace today, the people they love, and all they have to be grateful for.

  2. People with vibrancy also appreciate their 'pancakes'. The little things and the details that lie within. Jonathan cites his morning coffee, as one of his best experiences of the day. Rather than throw it back, or make it adjacent to his busy day, he savours it. He makes it his focus.

  3. Finally, people with an appetite for life, are seeking greater challenges and opportunities in their life. They feel absolute gratitude for having a purpose and the mental, emotional and physical well-being to conquer, discover, learn, explore, master and soar. From my own experiences, finding new tightropes to traverse, and ones that rely on my past experiences, but require new tactics are the happiest times in my career.

I know as I am in one of these periods right now and so grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me by RBC to share stories of ordinary people who do extraordinary things, and their life lessons to inspire others to do more and be more.

And I am beyond grateful to my beautiful family, friends, the talented people I work with. My cup does runneth over.


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