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Mark Henick to The Edge and Back

Is Destiny a matter of choice or chance?

Mark Henick has his first mental health crisis in Grade 6 and by Grade 8 he tried suicide for the first time. By age 15 Mark's life was like a Yo-Yo bouncing out of psychiatric wards, with treatment often involving a cocktail of drugs.

Mark's mental state was at a point where he felt he had only one choice and that was his Life or Death. He chose death and ended up on the wrong side of an overpass, perched on a few inches of concrete, looking down a tunnel that he hoped would end his pain.

That night, by chance he ended up feeling the only thing he had a choice in. Life and death. He chose death and found himself standing on the wrong side of an overpass to end his life. By chance, two people were there. One yelled 'JUMP YOU COWARD' and the other, a man in a light brown jacket, saved his life. That experience showed Mark he did have a choice. To live his life like the man who saved him versus the many. that baited him.

Fast forward to today, and Mark is combining his personal experiences with his mental health, combined with his education and passion to help others and to be one of Canada's leading advocates on mental health.

Mark's TEDtalk on his story is one of the most popular of all time.


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