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Manrique Prada & John Stackhouse - Conversations with Mother Nature

Guests - Manrique Prada and John Stackhouse

Two powerful and thought-provoking conversations on what we can do individually and collectively to love Mother Earth.

Dr. Manrique Prada, a Ph.D. in biological science, stands as one of South America's most esteemed environmentalists. His new book is Voices of Mother Earth.

Manrique shares his experiences living among the Xavante people—an indigenous tribe deeply connected to the Amazon—which has granted him unique insights.

Manrique imparts their wisdom of attentively listening to the forest, making decisions guided by dreams, and sustaining their way of life in harmony with our planet. The Xavante considers most humans as termites who destroy everything in their path.

Dr. Prada's teachings hold valuable life lessons for preserving our planet. He sees little promise for celebrities and politicians who talk without the walk, and so much hope if we create this conversation with nature from the ground up.

John Stackhouse, formerly the Editor in Chief of Canada's national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, is now a Senior VP at RBC inside the office of the President, joins the chatter in the second half of this earth-friendly episode.

As the leader of RBC's Climate Action Institute, John emphasizes moving beyond mere rhetoric to action. He points to the power of business and markets to drive change. He points to the extraordinary change United States due to the inflation reduction act and how Canadians can and must keep pace with speed and scale.


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