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Kim Scott - Caring Personally and Challenging Directly

Best-selling author and acclaimed thinker Kim Scott provides the framework for having more meaningful conversations in 2023. My youngest daughter Mikahla has a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology from London Metropolitan University. In November, she sent me this text - “Dad, I just read this article on radical candor, and the concept reminds me of you.”

This text and our subsequent conversation inspired me to reach out to Kim Scott, the author of the best-selling book Radical Candor. When Kim agreed, I asked my daughter Mikahla to be my co-host.

Kim Scott draws upon her experiences working in Silicon Valley for clients, including Apple and Google, and shares many stories as she illustrates her points. What you will take away from this show is how Kim Scott's approach positively and profoundly changes how you provide and accept feedback as a parent, mentor, coach, leader, and peer.

Some fantastic lessons for your life and livelihood. Alan Depencier, the CMO of RBC, returns to the show to talk about how RBC applies the principles of radical candor to create a culture where everyone has a voice, and debate is often the best path to meaningful solutions.


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