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Have We Lost The Will To Climb?

Canadians are spoon-fed their fruit, and this election the spoon has become a shovel of unaffordable, and ridiculous promises when you factor in the state of our economy which is contracting, not growing.

38 million people, vast intellectual and natural resources, freshwater, a border shared with the USA, three coastlines, farmable land, a multi-cultural society that can learn from each other.

Let's stop eating the fruit from debt poured like cement on the backs of future generations. It's time Canada once again starts to earn our way forward.

Canada can create the greatest post-covid economy on the planet marked by innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, purposeful jobs, strategic immigration, our values and yes the responsible harvesting of our natural resources.

It might not be within the realm of our current political system where all parties bribe for ballots and rewards without achievement but it is within all of us.

If you want proof then listen to my podcast. It's not about me, it's about ordinary people who do extraordinary things, who accomplish, who fight the status quo, overcome against insurmountable odds, who immigrate, build, hire, contribute, defend and create. People who climb ladders and then share the fruit of their labours.


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