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Game-Changer Matters to Candice Faktor

Candice Faktor is a game-changer, an attribute I admire. In this episode, you will get inside the mind of someone who has positively impacted the status quo by bringing a higher level of passion and pursuit to the enterprise.

You will learn how she creates value and, in turn, monetizes it.

You will also learn about Candice’s first start-up,, and how she has set her sights on enriching and ensuring that every moment we spend in front of a screen learning is live and alive.

Candice’s already flourishing dream is to have each of us create a lifelong relationship with learning by creating a personal exchange between the top thought leaders, subject matter experts and creators, and all who can benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

I hope that what she offers today to you and me, and to all who work in the training and field, can quickly move into the educational sector to teach our children well.

Shelagh McGrogan, who is an astute marketer talks about how marketing must evolve from hard-hitting offers to taking on more of a role of the helper. She cites RBC's relationship with McGill University to teach Canadians financial literacy.


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