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Family Matters to John Peller

Five dollars and a dream. In 1927, a 24-year-old Hungarian named Andrew Peller sails into Halifax.

He knows no English, has five dollars in his pocket, but he dreams of building a better life. For the next 34 years, Andrew proves he is a gifted entrepreneur. He makes a fortune, but a bad investment has him lose everything in his late fifties.

Andrew finds the capital and energy to rebuild when many are contemplating retirement. He bases his new business on believing that Canadians are ready to appreciate wine like they do in Europe. As it turns out, Andrew is 30 years too early with his insight, but his son and then his grandson John Peller build on his dream and create one of the most admired wine companies in the world.

John Peller shares this story of dreaming and doing, of family matters and why immigration matters. John also offers his thoughts on what Canada must do to support its agricultural sector.

And Andrew Peller’s ashes are buried in the mouth of the Halifax harbour, as he considers sailing to Canada with his five dollars and his dream, as the luckiest day of his life.


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