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Dream Matters to Rocco Rossi

It's not even 5:00 am and my day is special and so very alive.

When I interview a guest I am hyper-focused on the delicate balance of questions, flow and above all listening generously. I have no idea how it will all sound until the final edit.

I can tell you that I am so moved, energized and enlightened by Rocco's words and wisdom. I could easily have steered the conversation to talk about Rocco's career and all the advice that can come from someone who has accomplished so much in both the for-profit and not-for-profit.

Instead, we focused on life, and a tiny word that is hidden inside, and that word is 'if' the oxygen of dreams and possibilities.

I know that too much and too many are chasing a finite amount of your time. And intent often gives away to being drowned by the firehose of content that hits you every second of the day.

I can tell you that those who push the firehose away and listen to Rocco's words with intent and generosity, will feel as I do now.

Rocco, thank you for gifting me and others with what truly matters.


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