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Dr. Alika LaFontaine - Health Matters

Is the strength of our healthcare a matter of life or death? We all know that our health matters most, but what can we do when our healthcare system is in crisis? Treatment availability is scarce, millions do not have access to family doctors, we have a massive talent shortage, and many who work in the system are burning out or exiting the industry altogether.

My guest, Dr. Alika LaFontaine, is a positive change-maker who offers us a path forward if we listen and act as patients and voters. Dr. Lafontaine is a recognized expert on health systems and health policy, an award-winning physician, and the first Indigenous doctor to become the president of the Canadian Medical Association and listed in Medical Post's 50 Most Powerful Doctors.

He shares why the healthcare sectors must work with each other to tap into the collective knowledge we have of the problems, and why we must reshape our system by putting patients first.

Dale Sturges returns to Chatter that Matters to talk about why having Indigenous voices at the highest tables is integral to Truth and Reconciliation and even more so, to creating a better Canada and in this case, better healthcare.

A powerful and positive look at our healthcare going forward.


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