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Culture Matters to Bob Lefsetz

Drinking from a firehose is how to describe my interview with Bob Lefsetz.

Bob has been labelled a music guru and critic but I see him more as a cultural anthropologist who studies this intersection between music, culture, life, technology and era. Bob Lefsetz authors the Lefsetz Letters. I am a fan of how he thinks and writes so on a lark I sent him an email inviting him on the show. The way Bob Lefsetz breaks down the decades from the fifties to the present is must-listen content. This episode also covers his personal story, his personal battles with artists including Taylor Swift who wrote the song Mean as a counter to the scathing review he gave her for her Grammy Performance.

I present Bob Lefsetz. Beholden to no one, razor-sharp, unapologetic, unabashed and unafraid.


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