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Courage Matters to Kaleb Dahlgren

We've all heard the expression being in the right place at the right time when opportunity knocks, but what about the wrong place, at the wrong time when tragedy hits and takes away all that you know.

April 6, 2018, began as an ordinary day for Kaleb Dahlgren. He was on a bus with his Humboldt Broncos teammates heading to a must-win playoff game. A second later, hockey outcomes no longer matter. On a clear and sunny day, a driver, commanding a semi-trailer truck at 100 km an hour, failed to yield at a flashing stop sign and smashed into their bus.

Sixteen people died, and thirteen were injured. Four days after the accident, suffering trauma to his body and brain that doctors said was devastating and permanently damaging, Kaleb woke up in the hospital. He had no recollection of the accident, and it took him several days to comprehend that he was alive while others were dead.

Kaleb Dahlgren is the story of the human spirit soaring at an unfathomable level. Kaleb must come to terms with Survivor's Guilt, defy and overcome the many sentences pronounced by medical experts, and choose what to do with his new lease on life. As you will soon hear, author, speaker and motivator, Kaleb Dahlgren chooses wisely, and for the better of humanity.

The brilliant Amy Deacon, a social worker therapist, joins the show to talk about the mindset required to survive the sudden tragedy.


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