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Net Zero Matters to John Stackhouse

John Stackhouse says there is a way but with a price tag of $2 trillion. I ask if there is a will?

I begin this podcast by sharing my near-death experience as a child, and then my observations from interviewing others who have knocked at death’s doorstep, but through some combination of intervention, science or will have fought their way back. In doing so they return with a stronger appreciation of their fragility and mortality. They treasure life and often dedicate theirs to making our planet a better place. I then ask the essential question.

Will the human race have to knock on death's doorstep to appreciate the fragility of our planet before taking the necessary steps to fight climate change? John Stackhouse is the Senior VP of RBC, in the Office of the President. John leads RBC’s research on economic, technological, and social change.

After a year of extensive research, RBC has published a paper titled: The $2 trillion dollar transition. Canada’s road to net zero. We discuss what this road means across six aspects of our economy.

Electricity, Oil and Gas, Buildings, Transportation, Agriculture and Heavy Industry, and what will be required by Governments, the Private Sector and each of us. Every aspect of our economy can not only travel on Canada’s road to net zero, but we can also unleash an economic renaissance populated with purpose and purposeful jobs.


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