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Bryan Baeumler, Building the Impossible Dream

How many of you have dreamed about making a significant life change?

You might be holding a freshly printed lottery ticket, or on vacation immerse yourself in a new culture. Some might not have a choice as an unforeseen circumstance has impacted your or your family's life. I know the Pandemic has motivated me to rethink and reprioritize what matters most.

Today I meet up with the extraordinary Bryan Baeumler. Bryan went from hammering nails at age 14, as he built his cottage from the ground up, to hammering out international TV and business deals. What you might now know is that to do so, Bryan had to overcome severe anxieties. He didn't want to leave his home, let alone stand in front of a TV camera.

On the show, I chat with Bryan about his success, the values he learned from his parents, and how he managed to wrestle his anxieties to the ground. We then talk about a five-minute decision that he took with his wife Sarah that turned their entire life upside down.

Megan Newman from RBC joins me at the end of the show to talk about how many dreams can become realities if you plan and then work your plan.


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