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Backstage Matters to Terry O'Reilly

Terry O'Reilly is the host of Under the Influence, one of the most popular radio shows and podcasts on the planet.

Terry gives the public a rare backstage pass into the world of advertising, pop culture and human nature. Today I turn the tables to get a rare backstage pass into the life of Terry O'Reilly. The advice he offers you is a masterclass in getting the attention your career and ideas deserve. Here are Terry's opening thoughts.

'You see the study of human nature is the business of marketers. Our job, our skill is to understand the concept of desire. Now I am an Ad Man. My job is to get my client's products in the path of that desire. Now the ultimate goal, the holy grail, the pot of gold in my business is to create the easiest smoothest, most velvety, most speed bump-free path to that sale.'

The best way I can describe Terry is to borrow from another great Ad Man, Rob Siltanen, responsible for one of the most iconic advertisements for the past 30 years, who wrote a commercial for Apple that began like this.

'Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.’

Rob could also have written this ad to describe Terry O'Reilly who sees things differently. Terry has won multiple global awards for his work as a copywriter. Terry could have made that his career but he saw and acted on an unmet need in the marketplace, and became a wildly successful entrepreneur building Pirate Radio into a home where radio creativity could flourish. And today Terry is an acclaimed speaker, best-selling author and world-class host.

To round out the show, Caroline Paxton, Vice President of Media and Strategic Initiatives at RBC, returns to my show. Today Caroline talks about fostering creativity in the workplace.


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