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Alex and Kevin Newman - Journey to Truth

Alex and Kevin Newman on the Chatter That Matters podcast

This is one of my favorite interviews of all time. It brought back memories of my relationship with my father, which I describe in the opening. As I introduce my two guests, you will instantly know the voice of Kevin Newman, one of North America's most acclaimed journalists, but instead of anchoring the news, he opens up about a period in his life when he learned that his son was gay.

Kevin Newman - Learning how and where his son sought the truth was harder than finding the truth. Alex Newman - Finding answers in chat rooms versus the family room (felt safer). Until he came out to his family.

What makes this so special is that both Kevin and his son Alex each talk about their journey of discovery and transformation that led to their ground-breaking memoir, "All Out A Father and Son Confront the Hard Truths That Made Them Better Men,"

Alex candidly reveals his path to self-realization, recounting the struggle of finding understanding within the anonymous confines of online chat rooms rather than within the familiar walls of his own home. His courageous account of coming out to his family resonates deeply, highlighting the challenges of finding one's identity within society's biased norms.

Meanwhile, Kevin, an esteemed Emmy and Gemini award-winning journalist shares a parallel narrative of his own. As he embarks on a new chapter in his career at Good Morning America, he grapples with a U.S. broadcast culture intent on reshaping his identity.

Alex and Kevin expose the scarcity of resources, so they write a book for themselves and others. Each writes their part in solitude. The moment of truth is when father and son exchange their completed manuscripts and read each other's interpretations of who they are, and why each and they matter.


Looking to purchase their book? Visit: All Out

Kevin Purkiss, VP of Fraud Management, joins the show to talk about his experiences with his son coming out, why diversity and inclusion matter, and how fraud artists target the LGBTQ+ community.


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