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The Internet Matters to Avi Arya

You could argue that the internet matters to most, but to Avi Arya, it mattered most.

As a teenager growing up in Delhi, India, Avi had two dreams. To race cars and to then go on to Oxford University. Both crashed when his Dad was in danger of losing their family business, a small hotel and Avi had to step in to help. An international tourist who stayed longer and paid more for the room was where Avi saw an opportunity; how could a small hotel market to potential tourists worldwide?

In the internet's earliest days, when access required a dial-up and small fortune, Avi took his first clicks towards marketing his family's hotel. His learning not only saved the hotel but allowed the family to acquire more, and his knowledge let him launch and build one of the biggest tourism marketing agencies in the world.

Today, Avi's home is in Vancouver, and as one of the top digital influencers in the world, he now speaks around the world on how to master social media and the internet.

And how does Avi introduce himself at the beginning of every talk, and often with the audience chanting in unison: I'm a father of two girls and six dogs, a streetcar racer turned hotelier turned Social Media Influencer.

In this episode, with Avi's wonderful personality roaring through, you will hear about his incredible journey, from clicks to riches, his lessons in life that we can all benefit from, and his latest thinking on how you can grow your online presence through micro-videos.

Shelagh McGrogan, who runs Content Marketing for RBC joins the show to talk about why content is key to getting the attention you deserve.


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