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Speaker Review / Royal Road University

"Tony Chapman is, in my opinion, simply the best communicator in our business.

Though it may sound pedestrian, unique and one-of-a-kind are adjectives that must be used when describing him and his work. Tony recognizes our business isn’t just about strategy, tactics and ROI—he knows that to really communicate with someone you need to connect with them.

He has THE most incredible mind and his thought process takes clients on a journey to originality, creativity and results that ensure satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter what you throw at Tony, he always comes back with absolutely brilliant ideas that make you think differently about how to ensure your message resonates—touches a chord—with your audience. And working with him is even better; you cannot be in the same room with Tony and not feel inspired.

He has an innate ability to bring out (sometimes screaming!) only the best in the people he surrounds himself with and anyone who has the opportunity to work with Tony should jump at the chance."

Cathrine Riggins Associate Vice President, Marketing & Alumni Relations Royal Roads University


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