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Sound Matters to Bob Ezrin

If you LOVE Music, Pop Culture, and you are interested in the creative process and what it takes to collaborate with some of the world's top musical artists, then turn up the volume on this episode that features some incredible music, and the stories behind the songs.

Alice Cooper calls Bob Ezrin his 'George Martin', referencing the legendary Beatles producer. Some of the biggest hits from artists like Aerosmith, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Taylor Swift, Hanoi Rocks, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Deep Purple, Andrea Bocelli and David Gilmour happened through Bob Ezrin's producing, arranging and songwriting.

Bob shares some incredible 'behind the notes' stories on how he collaborated with these artists. He shares the work he is most proud of, and even sings his favourite song. Bob also talks about how he is turning his talents towards tackling climate change and working with Melanie Doane on her USchool to ensure that Music remains part of the school curriculum.

From RBC X music, Jeff Lindsay returns to Chatter that Matters to talk about why great talent deserves an audience.


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