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Opportunistic Matters to Erica Ehm

When opportunity knocks, Erica Rocks.

Erica Ehm is a Host, Creator, Speaker, Innovator, and Disruptor who, for three decades, has captured and commanded all media, including radio, television, movies, music publishing, books, while being a pioneer and influencer in digital marketing. Erica is the co-founder of the Inside>Out Initiative to MePower teens worldwide to learn, live and work from the inside out.

Erica shares her incredible life story and the lessons she learned along the way.

Great insights for anyone who wants to rock when opportunity knocks and for the many facing a future where you will work in many places, and hopefully like Erica chasing your passions.

Nadine Renaud-Tinker, President, Quebec Headquarters of RBC joins me to chat about what RBC is doing to support woman entrepreneurs.


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