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My Work with Midfield

My podcast and speaking career keeps me very busy, so I do very little other work, but last Tuesday was an exception. I drove up to Dundas, Ontario to spend time with Midfield, a creative agency, and to help them with their growth strategy. Ryan McIntyre is one of the Founders, and Mike Power is their lead strategist. I have always been a fan of Mike's thinking and was fortunate enough to run into him when I was in Costa Rica. We had a few dinners talking about marketing and branding. So he invited me to spend a day with their team.

For the record, my work with Midfield is done, so this isn't a paid endorsement but if anything an endorsement for a small business, a boutique agency that has knitted together a talented core team and a pool of highly capable nomads. And they reflect the values of the small town they choose to operate from.

Midfield's primary work is creating live and online experiences, and they, like I am, are a fan of insights first then and then working on creating the big idea.

If you are looking for some attention-grabbing, brand-converting campaigns, give them a call.

And they are Canadian owned. Circular economy matters.


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