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Music Matters to Harry Connick Jr.

I don't know if you are born with talent, but it pours through Harry Connick Jr's veins.

At age three, he performs for smiles; by age nine, Harry is recording an album and plays the Piano Concerto No. 3 Opus 37 of Beethoven with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra, and by the end of his teens, he is in New York with his first record deal.

Harry Connick Jr has sold over 16 million albums and has won over audiences with his recorded and live music, acting in moves, television and performing on Broadway.

In this podcast, Harry shares his life story. The phone call from Rob Reiner, who invited Harry first to play incidental music in the movie When Harry met Sally and ended with Harry singing most of the songs and finding fame. Matthew Modine took him under his wing on a film set to show him what it takes to own the camera and how Harry had to stretch himself doing a television show like Will and Grace.

You will also learn three of Harry Connick Jr's life lessons that you can apply to help you do more and to be more, to get to where you need, want and deserve to go.

Harry talks about dreaming big and then animating that dream, so you never lose sight of your destination or your faith that you will be living it one day. Harry talks about the importance of dreaming and doing, the hours he invests in preparation and practice so that he can break down the door when opportunity knocks. Finally, Harry Connick Jr opens up about how he dealt with COVID and the darkness he felt when his stage lights turned off and the microphones to go quiet.

That period of isolation, and the grief he felt from 14 people he knew dying from COVID, led Harry Connick Jr to a renewed faith in his religion, in himself, and in performing and creating a new album, 'Alone with My Faith'. It was therapy for himself and what he hopes is a gift for all who are struggling with the realities of today. As I did, I encourage you to listen to the album with headphones on and the room dark.


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