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Leadership Matters to Michelle DiEmanuele and Mary Depaoli

Today, in honour of Mothers Day, I am putting all women on a pedestal for everything they do to nurture, protect, mentor, care, lead, create and contribute to a better world.

I begin by first talking about my Mom, who left us over thirty years ago, but whose examples and character I still lead my life with. My first guest is an extraordinary human being. Michelle DiEmanuele is the President and CEO of Trillium Health Partners, one of North America's leading and respected community-based acute care facilities. Michelle shares stories from her incredible career, the lessons she had learned along the way, and how she finds balance in life. Michelle also takes us to the front line of healthcare and the heroic effort that is happening every minute to keep patients alive and all of us safe. We then look at the future of healthcare, and Canada’s role in delivering what often appears to be opposing forces - to give us the healthcare we need and deserve and at a price we can afford.

I then chat with a dear friend of mine, Mary DePaoli, the Executive VP of RBC. I have known Mary for many years; few, if any, I admire more for her brilliance, compassion, and immense capabilities. Mary talks about how she manages to do it all while putting her family first, mentorship, how every moment is an opportunity that can change your life, and more.

She even has me blushing.


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