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Jim Estill - The Right Things Matter

My guest this week is Jim Estill, one of Canada's most successful and admired business leaders, who started his career at fourteen with a paintbrush. Jim shares his incredible journey and the powerful lessons he learned for entrepreneurs, anyone with those ambitions and all hoping to advance their career or charitable efforts.

Learn about the 'power of while,' why doing the right thing is more than a slogan, and why daily habits can power your intellectual, emotional and financial wealth. And all of us can be proud of what Jim Estill is doing to help refugees make our country not a haven but a new home. Instead of a handout, he offers them a hand-up to a life of purpose, productivity and pursuit.

Jim's work creating a system and process has earned him a 90% success rate and an Order of Canada. A Syrian refugee joins the show to talk about Jim's impact on their life.

Karen Svendsen, Client and Business Strategy, Small Business for RBC, discusses why she thinks her job is the best at RBC. Karen shares why small businesses and entrepreneurs are vital to unlocking Canada's economic future.


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