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Jesse Palmer - Host of the Bachelor - Believe in your Dreams

I am so happy about how my interview with Jesse Palmer, the host of the Bachelor, went. Jesse is engaging, intelligent, funny and gracious, offering so much in this episode on how to make the most out of the opportunity including believing in your biggest dreams and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you. Many of you will know Jesse Palmer as the host of The Bachelor, others from his work on Good Morning America, and sports fans will see him as only the second Canadian ever to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. I know Jesse as a friend. I met him twelve years ago when we were both on a television show called Recipe to Riches. Some fantastic lessons in life from a great human being; I encourage you to share Jesse's positive and proactive playbook to life, especially with younger generations. And I close the show with Sasha Braganza sharing breaking news on RBC X First Up. Aspiring musicians will not want to miss what Sasha has to say.


Chatter that Matters is a show that counters the storm of negativity and a growing sense of impossibility. I share inspiring stories of people who overcome their circumstances to chase their dreams and, for some, to change our world. I hope the lessons learned will inspire you, and all who matter to you, to get to where you need, want, and deserve to go.

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