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Film Matters to Cameron Bailey

A film ‘maker’ on a mission. Cameron Bailey rocks a tuxedo-like Daniel Craig in a Bond Film, a boardroom with vision and purpose, and society and culture with openness and understanding.

As the Toronto International Film Festival's CEO, one of the most important and publicly attended festivals globally, Cameron Bailey leads their mission to transform the way people see the world through film.

Born in London, his early childhood in Barbados, and today a Canadian, this citizen of the world, Cameron Bailey shares his life's story, his love for film, and how his screen interests extend far beyond Hollywood to searching the world to find movies that matter.

Cameron Bailey also has a reputation for premiering films that become Oscar Winners. For example, Slum Dog Millionaire could have been headed straight to DVD, but after the audience's reaction at TIFF, it had a full cinema release and went on to win eight Oscars, seven BAFTA Awards and four Golden Globes.


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